With all the exciting things happening in the upper Divisions, let's not forget that the Bronze Divisions also had their fair share of action last weekend. And we got plenty of results already, so let's take a look!

Bronze US

The Semi-Finals are waiting for us next weekend, this also means that we know who will advance to Silver Division next Cycle.

The first team in the semi-finals is [mGn]Magnum Opus. They defeated [GOO]Clan GOO in the last round and will now face [S7]S7, who in turn defeated [TSG]Team Sulle Gaming in the previous round.

The second semi final is between the teams of [AnG]Angry Gaming and [iHSh]I Heart Shin, who defeated [TARP]Its a TARP and [PaRi]Panta Rhei on their way.

Congrats to all these teams for qualifying for Silver Division and good luck to the semi-finalists in the coming matches!

Bronze EU

As usual we still have plenty of teams in the race for the Bronze EU Championship after this weekend. The remaining teams will now fight for qualification to the Silver Division next cycle and then it's all about becoming the Champion and gaining additional prize money and tour points. Here's the lineup for the next round:

[Aol]Acting on Instinct
[Bmbz]Team Bomberz


[LPU]Little Pink Unicorns
[Mehh]Channel Mehh

[ZnS]Zubmit and Sons

[RaZC]The Razacs

[cTiR]Team Ripping
[TtW]Team Throw

[LBH]LakeBridge HC


Big plays coming up, I'm sure. Good luck and have fun to all teams!

- Blaze