In what were possibly the closest matches so far in Gold Division, we see many teams leave us in the Losers Bracket. [CM]Clan Milk defeated [euni]Eunis 5, [hade]HAVE IT defeated [DrDz]Druidz eSport and [DCx]Justice League defeated [MOE]Moes Tavern all at scores of 2-1, while Isot Pelit defeated [C1K]Call It Karma 2-0.

Overall from these results I can say that nothing is too shocking. Druidz losing was not that expected because I knew they were really trying this cycle, but going up against HAVE IT was not in the plan I'm sure. HAVE IT being a strong Diamond contender brings a lot to the competition in Gold. Druidz and the other teams Eunis 5 and Moes Tavern are all very strong up-and-coming teams, but they are lacking that extra little boost in order to make it to the top four.

On the other hand I haven't spoken about Call It Karma. Obviously they are a strong team, but recently they picked up a 5th person for their squad in order to continue playing. They've been sitting in the first seed in Gold for quite some time due to the points they gathered while competing in Diamond. Since losing BananaFTW they have not had much practice and have not scrimmaged much with their new 5th, TuttanKhamo. TheJellyfish has told me that he's a very nice guy and fits well with their team. Hopefully they manage to get some scrims in and can continue to compete at a high level close to the one they were at previously. It's a shame to see such long-standing teams break apart, with Fack You Kurdi, [PUDG]Dendis jungldevos and others breaking up most recently - they are all teams who we hope will come back to playing once again.

I will now provide an update to matches that took place earlier today. The Fire Rises and [SdS]SdS played their match earlier today with The Fire Rises coming out on top 2-1. This is interesting on many levels: SdS being able to take a game off of The Fire Rises, in addition to now looking where SdS falls in the Loser Bracket Matchups. They will now face the winner of the Clan Milk vs HAVE IT series being played later today.[TKAG]Team Kagge and [Due1]Do You Even Lift Bro will play also with the winner facing The Fire Rises and the loser facing the winner of Justice League and Isot Pelit.

Although I cannot speculate too much into who may come out on top, I would like to see The Fire Rises vs Team Kagge in the Winner Bracket Finals with SdS vs Clan Milk. In addition, I would like to see Justice League come out on top of their bracket getting into the top four, seeing SdS, Justice League, Team Kagge, and The Fire Rises be the teams to rise to Diamond this cycle would make the most sense to me.

Not to say anything bad about Team Kagge, Isot Pelit, HAVE IT, Clan Milk and Do You Even Lift Bro, but I feel the other teams are much stronger and can compete in Diamond better. With enough practice I hope that we will see a Gold team penetrate Diamond and start to win versus some of the lower teams there - this is looking more toward HoN Tour Season 2, however.

Monday, March 4th Match-ups

Loser Bracket Quarter Finals

Clan Milk 2:1 Eunis 5
Druidz Esports 1:2 HAVE IT
Justice League 2:1 Moes Tavern
Call It Karma 0:2 Isot Pelit

Results from Tuesday March 5th

Winner Bracket Semi-Final

The Fire Rises 2:1 SdS

Tuesday, March 5th Match-ups

Winner Bracket Semi-Final

Team Kagge vs Do You Even Lift Bro

Loser Bracket Ro4

Clan Milk vs HAVE IT
Justice League vs Isot Pelit

- Crowslaw