The fierce competition between the male competitors in Thai HoN Tour has been reported in the first season and beyond, but now the ladies of the country are suiting up for battle as well. For the first time, this weekend’s festivities will not only feature the male competition in the cycle playoffs, but also an invite tournament for the female competitors. The first edition will feature four teams and a prize pool of 20,000 THB (~650 USD).

The winner of this tournament will not only walk away with half of that money, but also with a ticket to the next HoN Lady Tournament. As this is the first cycle, one can assume that the females will follow a similar schedule to the male Thai HoN Tour, setting this at five potential female tournaments.

All around, the teams are fairly unknown, at least to the western observer, with only Bubble Gums and Dominatrix being household names for various reasons. In Bubble Gums case it’s the membership of Garena on-air personality Fahsai that brings attention to the squad. Ever since it’s formation, interviews from local eSports media have zeroed in on the team, asking for the future and goal. This publicity has elevated the squad to being the most known entity in the Thai scene, prompting appearances in several showmatches at events. On the other side, Dominatrix is a championship team. At the HoN Lady Cup 2021 as a part of Garena Star League 2021, the team participated against all three of their rivals for the weekend, winning the championship with an unbeaten record. That triumph makes them the favorite and the defending champion in a way.

Also competing for the prizes and the chance at becoming the best female HoN team in Thailand are HoN Gals How Team and First Sight Girlx. Both teams were a part of the GSL14 celebration of HoN in Thailand, but haven’t expanded their competitive portfolio beyond that.

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However it will turn out on the weekend, be sure to not miss any action of the tournament broadcasted by the Garena Thailand casting crew on Youtube. The majority of the tournament will take place before Turtle Master, Neolution eSports.MRR, and MiTH.Hybrid take over, kicking off the first day of the playoff weekend. The first semifinal is scheduled for June, 14th at 12:30 PM local time | 1:30 AM EDT | 7:30 AM CEST. After both semis, the 3rd Place Match will lead into the Grand Final, tentatively scheduled for 5 PM local | 6 AM EDT | 12 PM CEST, though the time may vary depending on delay in the other matches. Safe to say is, that the final will take place before the match of Neolution eSports.MRR and Turtle Master at 6:30 PM local time | 7:30 AM EDT | 1:30 PM CEST.

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