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Not only the future Pros and amateurs kept busy during the last 7 days, there were already the first Placement Matches and we also had some casual action in the Variety Cup #17. Let's check out the results:

Silver/Bronze Placement Matches

The HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers were a pretty hard place to be in, especially for new teams. Quickly the bracket was thinned out, marking the end of many hopes to reach at least the Silver Division. The first set of teams to have a chance of that were put into this Placement match, giving two teams the chance to get into Silver. So while the Qualifiers continued, the Placement Matches also happened and the results were somewhat unexpected. As it often is this far down, some teams simply forfeited, not convinced that it was worth the effort or that they were good enough, but the remaining teams fought hard.

Eventually it was [eZL]EZLIFE eSportsand [TFPx]Team FoxyProxy who did make the effort and were strong enough to make it into the final round and with that to the Silver Division. EZLIFE had to work really hard for that, earning the place for sure, as they had to play every round of the tournament. FoxyProxy also won a match, but they also got two forfeit wins in round two and three, so it remains to be seen in the coming Cycle 1 if they really earned their spot there. In any case, these two teams are in the Silver Division now, the rest is not. Congrats to the two teams!

Variety Cup #17

A fresh round of Midwars was set to play for our casual teams, and they responded really well, making the bracket look quite big for a change. Of course the first two rounds were quickly over as usual, with free wins and some forfeits here and there, but the last three rounds were quite exciting. Round three was still in BO1 mode, so one mistake would cost the whole match, making teams play rather careful. [BUX]Big Bux Money Crew were among the participants as usual and because of their dominant history in these Midwars tournaments, were clearly the favourite again. In round three they took out the [LGz]LaggyGamerz while [FTYL]fatal1ty took out [ToT]Throes of Throws, [CzSk]The Tyrants were defeated by [TSR]The Smurf Rapers and [OoO]Repoooooooooooort had to submit to the [XVII]EXCLUSIVES.

In the following semi-finals we saw the Buxies take on fatal1ty and after a very one sided first game, the second game was very hard fought. But the money crew remained victorious here and advanced to the Finals, there was not too much that Fatal1ty could do. The other semi-final was a bit more interesting, both games required quite some effort for the winner, but in the end it was just two games. The EXCLUSIVES took both games and advanced to meet the current Midwars Champions in the finals. The finals consisted of two rather long games, in which the EXCLUSIVES got ahead of the BUXies and kept their advantage throughout both games. BUX fought back, but it was not enough in either game to turn the tide, so the Variety Cup #17 was won by the EXCLUSIVES, much to the surprise of anyone watching. Congrats!

A new Variety Cup is set up already, the Variety Cup #18 will feature Grimm's Crossing and start this Thursday at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST. You can still sign up your team for it, so if you feel like Gold Coins or cozy two lane action, wait no longer, Grimm awaits!

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