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The most dominant force in Thailand’s female competitive HoN scene has struck again. Dominatrix, with captain and carry mmhod` at the helm, marched through the field for the third time in a row. This comes off the heels of the squad’s wins at the Midwars tournament at GSL14 and a victory at the first ever HoN Ladies Cup as a part of the Cycle 1 Thai HoN Tour weekend festivities.

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The two-time champions marched into the tournament with pressure and expectations at an all time high, yet they managed to cope with that burden very well. Right from the get-go they dismantled fellow female team HoN Gals How Team in a one-sided affair. Last month’s third place team wasn’t really ready for anything dMt was throwing at them. mmhod`, on Oogie, and PRAEWIIFREAK, on Cthulhuphant, topped the GPM charts, while new team member Por_NaJa` made her debut on Pearl. In the end, the dominance of Cycle 1 was nothing compared to this outing; Dominatrix achieved a 4-0 exchange despite diving all the way to the opponents fountain. Nothing could get through the thick armor of Cthulhu, Oogie ran out of control, and the pushing power of Defiler (played by EMoOKuK`) and Torturer (played by `L`ynx) took care of the structures.

HoN Gals How Team tried to make a last stand, but after another chase deep past several base towers and the fall of the second barracks, the towel was thrown in. That elevated dMt straight into the Grand Finals and HoN Gals into the Bronze match - a familiar location for both teams.

After this quick and lopsided showing, Bubble Gums and First Sight Girlx delivered a match for the ages. Both teams went aggressive right off the bat, swinging for the fences and aiming for team fights and ganks all the time. This lead to a small advantage for BBGx at first, who knocked on the high ground after the 30 minute mark. Overestimating their powers at first, BBGx attempt to breach the base was stopped after the Tier 3 tower fell, but that tower came at the cost of a team wipe. At that point no one could predict what kind of avalanche this fight would set in motion.

Several more attempts to break the base on the top lane and the mid lane were refuted, even though the Barracks on top gave into the relentless siege after a while. Still, with every new wave of attack wannaruk`x3 on her Bushwack earned experience and gold. Bubble Gums were desperate to put the game away, but First Sight Girlx made valiant defensive stands over and over again, turning the game around slowly but surely. Ironically a counter-teamwipe was the result of 1STX leaving their base for the first time in a long time, trying to get counter Barracks in the middle lane. What looked like the beginning of the comeback from the comeback turned into a complete bloodbath as wannaruk`x3 unleashed her power on every poor Bubble Gums soul. The scoreboard in the end read 32-55, the individual score line for main carry wannaruk`x3 showed 28/2/22 with 708 GPM at the end.

So the stage was set for rematches all around. In the first cycle both BBGxV2 and HoN Gals met for the Bronze medal, while dMt and 1STX went at it for the big prize. Opposed to last cycle though, the Bronze match had a different winner this time. The main roster of Bubble Gums with H00k, MoOkiez and GOTHMother did what the second string couldn’t accomplish last time - they won a game. Against the HoN Gals it wasn’t just a win, but the first convincing win recorded for the proud brand of BBGx after being humiliated last cycle. Back then the combined score of both matches read 11-73 after getting blown out by dMt and HOWG back-to-back. This time BBGx struck first and never looked back, securing themselves a 43-15 victory, even featuring risky item builds like a Codex on Bubbles.

The Bronze medal was taken, now who would get Gold? Would we see a historic hat trick for Dominatrix or would a new powerhouse in the female scene emerge with 1STX shocking Thailand? It came as expected and predicted ahead of time, Dominatrix crushed again. Once more it looked like they were in another league, toying with their opponents from start to finish. This time it wasn’t necessarily PRAEWIIFREAK in the main role, but carry mmhod` on a pink Sand Wraith and EmOoKuK` on Pebbles who made things happen. The Magmus on the suicide lane still got in the mix in big team fights, making a clutch escape, initiating after Pebbles or hitting big PRAEruptions on several occasions. The cohesiveness in the team and the well-executed game plan prevailed, as the ganks rained on 1STX from the get-go and left them in constant fear throughout the 45-7 affair.The scoreline tells the story - 35 minutes of utter domination in the Female division.

Today, the Dominatrix girls, in association with the Neolution eSports brand, can sit back and relax, while cheering on their male team. Neolution eSports.MRR is poised to complete the sweep on Sunday, as they are aiming for their first HoN Tour cycle title in months. The last one dates back to the first iteration of Thai HoN Tour, even before Garena Star League 2021. Since then they were close numerous times and will forever be remembered as a three-time SEA HoN Tour Grand Finalist, but couldn’t hoist a trophy. That might change on Championship Sunday when only five Turtles are standing in their way. Those Turtles are in a fighting mood though, coming off a surprisingly one-sided win over Hybrid Gaming. The 2-0 sweep was the main event of Day 1 in the Garena Thailand studios - today, the conclusion of the second cycle of Thai HoN Tour. when Winzy, Taii and the rest of the on-air crew bring you the games, the background stories and excitement from the packed floor, as well as the answer to the big question - who is Thailand’s best HoN Team currently?

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