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It’s playoff time in Thailand once more, which also means that the female scene in the HoN-crazed country is at it again. For the second time, four female teams will slug it out for the HoN Lady Championship.

Technically this is even the third installment of the Lady tournaments, since Garena Star League 2024 hosted a Midwars tournament to celebrate this important part of the community. Going into this cup as the clear favorite is once more Dominatrix, the elite female team that struck fear into their opponents at the two previous tournaments already. The two-time defending championesses are eager to go for the three-peat, adding another trophy to their resume.

Dominatrix roll into battle with a famous carry player mmhod`, their suicide laner PRAEWIIFREAK, mid player KorMidNa` and the two support stars `eingeing and `L`ynx. These fearless five will once more compete against the same three teams as last cycle, although a slight change is in order. While Bubble Gums was signed up for the tournament originally, a different version of that squad showed up to the Garena Thai headquarters in order to compete. This time the real bubble ladies are expected to appear - including their star player and Thai community icon Fahsai.

That might be the only hope for this competition to really step up a notch, considering how one-sided the last affair was - both in the match against BBGx.V2 and First Sight Girlx in the finals. All those matches were 30 minute matches with DMt almost allowing no casualties, all while inflicting heavy pain on the opposition. To illustrate that point, the first round matchup against BBGx.V2 ended in a 31-1 blowout.

Now it’s upon HoN Gals How Team, First Sight Girlx and the real Bubble Gums to put up a little bit of resistance. None of the teams have gone through any roster changes, making this tournament an exact copy of the first one. In DMt’s case, they hope for a repeat of the events, while all others desperately pray for some change.

The action will once again kick off the playoff festivities, with the gals taking center stage at Day 1. Prior to the semi-finals of the Thai HoN Tour G-League Cycle 2 game between Turtle Master and Hybrid Gaming. The first semis of the ladies is scheduled for 12:30 PM local time | 1:30 AM EDT | 7:30 AM CEST with the second semi following directly after. Player cams, interviews, and shots of the viewing area will once more be provided on the stream, as Winzy and his crew take you through the event.

Main event is of course the Grand Finals, which is tentatively scheduled for 5 PM in Thailand | 6 AM EDT | 12 PM CEST. As always, that time slot can vary, depending on the other matches. Once the dust settles over the Lady tournament and the Queens of Thai HoN will once more be crowned, the gladiators of TurS and HBX are entering the arena at 6:30 PM local time | 7:30 AM EDT | 1:30 PM CEST. That match will be a Best of Three, while the ladies slug it out in Best of One matches all through the tournament.

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