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As the sun settles in Thailand, the first decision of the Cycle 1 Playoffs is already in the books. The HoN Lady Cycle 1 Champions are appropriately called Dominatrix, a fitting name for the squad that obliterated the entire competition with ease. The Champions of the Ladies tournament at GSL 2021 went into the tournament as the clear favorite, especially after Bubble Gums couldn’t field any of their original player and send in a team called Bubble Gums V2.

Unfortunately, the gals of the updated team couldn’t get anything going, and lacked the star presence of known entities in the Thai scene like idol Fahsai or long-time member GOTHMother. The new five of BBGxV2 started into the tournament with the worst possible matchup - an early fight with Dominatrix. That match displayed the pure force of mmhod` and her ladies, a playful time as they toyed with their opposition. The end result was as one-sided as yesterday’s World Cup game - a 30 minute wipeout with 31-1 kills.

The second semifinal between First Sight Girlx and HoN Gals How Team was a bit more even, at least for the first 15 minutes. At that point the score was all tied up and it could swing in any direction. One team fight later 1STX had a giant lead, wiping out the opposition and cruising to victory from there. They basically shut out HOWG for the remainder of the match, playing flawless HoN while denying pick-offs and any strong initiation for the opposing team. The result was a lopsided win on the scoreboard with HOWG forced to concede as their shrine was taking ballistic damage from all sides.

This set up the last two matches of the female competition with HoN Gals How Team and BBGxV2 fighting for pride, First Sight Girlx and Dominatrix for supremacy in the Ladies division. The match for bronze turned into yet another bloodbath for the replacement Bubble Gums, as they were destroyed from the get-go one more time. The consolation of putting 10 kills on the scoreboard was only possible after HOWG threw caution to the wind, and started diving past Tier 4 towers for kills. 42-10 was the score in the end, granting HOWG the third place and pushing BBGxV2 into a deep hole statistically. They had allowed 73 kills and only answered the bell 11 times.

HoN Ladys Invitational Brackets

One of the main contributors to that statistic, the Dominatrixes, were still playing in the tournament, looking for the money, the glory, and the direct seed for the second cycle of the HoN Lady’s competition. The team with Chitawan`X’s girlfriend, mmhod`, was poised to not only secure that invite, but also show to the entire nation who the HoN Queens really are. In this case, the Queens being not so much Disney’s fairy tale version of royalty, but more along the lines of the ruthless and methodical female leaders of the Game of Thrones variety. They proved themselves worthy of that gritty reputation in another 30 minute domination.

1STX was able to respond better than BBGxV2, trading kills in the early game, and keeping their deficit to a minimum after the laning phase. However, after that the superior coordination and communication of Dominatrix came into play, as they methodically picked apart the opposition, exposing all of their weaknesses. Every team fight went in their favor, ganks were executed to perfection and the snowball effect turned into a roaring avalanche. As the last sliver of health vanished from the shrine the structure evaporated, and the old champs were crowned once more.

Dominatrix walks away with the grand prize of 10,000 THB (~ $620 USD) and the chance to go for the title hattrick at the next playoff weekend. First Sight Girlx established themselves as the second best female team in the country, taking home prizes worth 5,000 THB (~ $160 USD) and a good chance of getting revenge the next playoffs. In completion HoN Gals How Team grabs a 3,000 THB share (~ $100 USD), while BBGxV2 leave with two crushing defeats and 2,000 THB (~ $60 USD).

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