Team History

Trademark eSports has been a staunch supporter of Heroes of Newerth since its inception, and has, through hard work and dedication, become a powerhouse team brand in the scene.

It all started just before Dreamhack Winter 2021 with the pick-up of the sGty squad of Tralfamadore, Sender, Swindlemelonzz, Sneyking, Peterpandam and TKOlol. This roster represented the Blue and Orange in big tournaments like the NASL Season 2 Offline Finals, where tdM finished third, and DreamHack Winter 2021, where tdM came in fourth. After those events, however, the roster was shaken up with changes.

Community icons MoonMeander and bkid teamed up with Tralfamadore, Sender and Swindlemelonzz's brother ZfreeK to make Trademark an American powerhouse with huge ambitions. This lineup stuck together for quite some time, but after another fourth place finish at DreamHack Summer 2021, it was time for change. After making several roster moves, Trademark's talented HoN team signed with compLexity Gaming, leaving the door open for Mynuts, fajN`, PabloMcDad, Limmp and noobG to take up the Trademark banner.

Meet the Players

The original roster of Mynuts, fajN`, PabloMcDad, Limmp and noobG was only together for the DreamHon Online Summer Championship, in which they finished second. After its impressive debut, the new Trademark team added iNsania and mmbzai from It's Gosu in an attempt to strengthen its roster and challenge the dominant compLexity Gaming – the former Trademark eSports.

Led by team captain Mynuts, who won the NASL title as the captain of LION eSports and placed third and second in consecutive Dreamhack tournaments, Trademark's players boast an impressive list of LAN and online achievements from their days in Blackfade, Fpbs, HoNPortal, and sGty.

Fighting for the Top

Ever since “Mynuts' team” officially became the new Trademark eSports, the team has found tremendous success. In the DreamHon OSC, they finished second behind compLexity and won the dubious honors of being the only team to take a map off of coL. After coming out as champions in the first edition of the It's Gosu Open in August, Trademark qualified for Dreamhack Winter 2021 with another second place finish behind compLexity in the DreamHoN Redemption tournament.

With HoN Tour on the horizon, tdM will have the chance to prove themselves and take that final step to reach the summit.

"HoN Tour is what I think every competitive HON player has been dreaming about,” said iNsania. “And now that it is finally here, this is amazing. I personally cannot wait for the LAN Finals because that's when everyone is going 140% in order to win every game."

Trademark eSports already has their sight set on the Grand Finals - and who can blame them? They are widely regarded as the main rival to compLexity Gaming and HoN Tour will offer tdM the opportunity to enshrine itself as one of HoN's all-time great teams.

-Soren "Fantasy"