Creating and joining a team in the Heroes of Newerth competitive scene can be a difficult task, but there are a few places you can check to help you make this an easier journey. You also need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you in the process.

What are you looking for in a team/your team?
Are there going to be server/time zone issues within the team? (i.e. EU/AUS players playing together)
What is your level of dedication? (Do you want to be the best? Are you seeking sponsorship?)

Where do you find a team or players?

A traditional way to create a team is through getting to know others of whom you can tolerate playing with on a regular basis. Creating a team with your friends is the most stable solution when it comes to team creation. Forming a team of players who you enjoy playing with in match-making is another popular way to create a team, that way the players are of similar skill level and have similar goals to improve.

HoN Forums -

The HoN Forums are a great place for recruitment. When I started Tt eSports (AKA Frenetic Array), before they were sponsored, it all started in this section of the HoN forums. I made a post wanting high level Australian players and succeeded. The main trouble is finding like minded players, those that want the same outcomes from the game as you.

Back then our Australian scene was severely underdeveloped and players had no idea what and which Australian players were out there. I think now it would be a lot harder to form a top tier competitive team this way, but such projects like the QSQ Team still exist on the forums and are great for players looking to make a break onto the competitive scene.

HoN Reddit –

In recent times a lot of the more social players and teams have been using the HoN Reddit as a place to seek new players and create new teams. If you’re more interested in playing the game for social reasons, rather than being as competitive as possible this may be a good place for you to go check.

How to get started

Now that you have your team sorted, there are plenty of places to get your toes wet and test out that new team of yours. A number of community’s within the ‘HoN universe’ such as ‘Clan Milk’ and ‘It’s Gosu’ offer amateur tournaments for newer lesser skilled teams. You can also find scrims in the in-game channel “Clan Scrim”.

For communication and planning it’s a good idea to use some chat software programs such as ‘Skype’ or ‘MSN’ that will allow a record of conversation and the ability to communicate effectively to your entire team. Some of these programs also allow VoiP which can be handy for in-game communication provided you don’t already use the in-game tools already at your disposal.

-Seb "Shinkz" Torra