For months Newerth's best have battled it out. Fans have watched, cheered, and helped build the biggest community funded prizepool in HoN's history. Now it's time to find out who will represent our region on the world stage, as the HoN Tour World Finals head to Bangkok Thailand!

HoNTour World Finals 2021

• Dates: 28th - 29th, March 2021
• Venue: Bitec, Bang Na, Bangkok
• Prizepool: To be announced at a later date
• Teams: 10 qualified through:
• North America/Europe/LAT (2)
• Thailand (2)
• CIS (1)
• China (1)
• Malaysia (1)
• Indonesia (1)
• Phillipines (1)
• Wildcard at GSL 2021(1)

HoNTour Season 3 Playoffs (NA/EU/LAT)

At the end of Cycle 8, the top teams from Standings will qualify for the Playoffs as follows:
• Rank 1: qualified to World Finals
• Rank 2-13: go to Playoffs - first in Groups Stage, then top 2/group advance to Playoffs Bracket, and the champion goes to World Finals
• Group A: 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13
• Group B: 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12



• Team didn't disband (has 1 or 2 members left at the end of Cycle 8).
• Team confirmed its participation by the end of Cycle 8 on Feb 8, otherwise they will be considered inactive.
• Inactive and disbanded teams' points will be reduced to 0.

If a team drops after brackets are made (Feb 8, after cycle ends) and before the Groups start, it will be replaced by the next active ranked team.

Roster adds
Teams may add 2 new members for the playoffs (the same player cannot play for 2 teams in the playoffs, otherwise teams may do any final swapping as needed).

No reschedules allowed.

All other HoN Tour Rules apply.