Since August hundreds of squad from around the world have competed to be crowned the world’s best HoN team. Today, after eight months, in Bangkok, Thailand, a champion was crowned. With a 3-1 victory, Bad Monkey Gaming has earned the right to be called World Champion.

A squad that brought together a group of friends, acquired by an organization mere weeks ago, playing at their first offline event, has taken home the gold. It was truly a Cinderella story for the boys in black and white. With a roar of BMG, BMG, Boxi held the Doom Bringer high above his head. Lights and fireworks shot off, while confetti rained from the sky. Boxi’s own mom and brother were in attendance, taking to the stage to congratulate the new champion in the family. It was a truly an unforgettable moment for not only Boxi, but the BMG team, and HoN fans from around the world.

One more time, congratulations to our HoN Tour Season 3 Champions, Bad Monkey Gaming!