Today we would like to send out a friendly reminder that HoN Tour Qualifiers will be starting on Saturday, October 27th. Most teams seemed in a rush to get together and may have experienced difficulty during the registration process. As a result, many teams did not complete registration, which caused additional problems last weekend for many teams wishing to participate.

Since then a video has been released by Snoopy and chuck64 that goes over the basics of registering your team for a HoN Tour Event. We urge you to use the resources available to you and to double check whether or not you and your team are signed up for the Qualifiers. Be vigilant in practice and make sure you read all the rules on the HoN Tour site check often for updates.

We’d also like to remind you that modifications are not allowed in Tournament Mode, and to participate in HoN Tour you must remove them from your game. One way to do this is to have a backup folder for your mods which you can easily add/remove.

The HoN Tour admins are available to answer any questions you may have. If you feel something is missing or has not been stated be sure to relay your concerns to them. Forum and Reddit posts about urgent tournament issues are not a reliable way to contact admins, as it may take too long to reach the correct person.

Registration is open until Thursday, October 25th; you will not be able to join the Qualifiers after this point.

That deadline is only for the Qualifiers--if your team does not register for the Qualifiers, you can still register as a Bronze team once the Qualifiers are complete.

The HoN Tour Qualifiers are complete on Sunday, November 18th (the weekend before DreamHack Winter).

- Crowslaw