Team History

An early version of the current Gary Johnson 2024 team first surfaced about one month ago, when swindlemelonzz and Zfreek were still officially members of Pikachu but already had plans in motion for a new team. Around that time It's Gosu and Vanguard held a tournament with reasonable competitors and money to spice things up. The Americans swindlemelonzz, Zfreek, and Sender joined forces with the Swedish player Skyzoe and the Greek pub-star FIbEli3 to test the waters of the team.

The success in those tourneys solidified the core of the roster, and just a couple weeks later the 2024 campaign of Gary Johnson officially started to roll the world of Newerth. They took over the Destination: DreamHon tournament and are looking like a formidable candidate for the race at the Elmia.

Meet the Players

The captain and leader of the squad is former sGty and Trademark eSports captain swindlemelonzz, who has been a controversial figure in the HoN scene for quite some time. His unmatched knowledge of the game and tactics and strategies both in draft and in-game matters qualify him as a strong leader and commander of his troops. His most loyal companion is his brother, former Trademark eSports jungler Zfreek, who is an acclaimed player with online and offline experience after emerging in the scene around the NASL Season 2 Finals.

The third American in the GJ12 ranks is Sender, a well-known and respected support player with tons of experience in the scene as well. Sender has seen it all; he has been on teams that ranged from average to great and has had to overcome adversity and drama, but to this day he still stands strong and gives his teams his all. He is one of the most respected support players on the scene today and is looking to cement his legacy in Heroes of Newerth history.

Gary Johnson's roster also features two major Free Agents from across the pond. One is Skyzoe, who was playing under the radar since the original Lions eSports team disbanded after the NASL Season 2 Championship. The young Swedish player has not been a part of big and successful lineups since, so the Gary Johnson team is his chance for another shot at DreamHack and at the Heroes of Newerth throne.

Last but not least is German sensation KheZu, who has been a member of several successful teams including DmSn, and a short stint with It's Gosu. His greatest accomplishment to date is the third place finish at DreamHack Summer 2024, but that could be surpassed if Gary Johnson 2024 keeps up the pace of their recent play.

The Wildcard

One can say all they want about the members of Gary Johnson 2024 and the drama surrounding the team. The bottom line is they have played sensational HoN in the last few weeks. They went 7-0 in their Destination group, claimed a DreamHack spot after a complete rout against Pikachu, and they are walking into DreamHon with some high expectations.

Those same expectations apply to HoN Tour, where the team's first goal is the Diamond Division to start their operation from the top. The odds are good that the team can reach that division and be a great competitor for established teams like Trademark eSports, compLexityGaming and Tt eSports.

- Sören "Fantasy"