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Before Cycle 1 begins, we decided to have a little fun and ask the captains of the teams invited to Diamond Division a few questions. In a five-part series, we’ll be asking the captains about the past season, the upcoming season, their teams, and whatever else comes to mind.

Representing Team Druidz at DreamHack Summer and in the Onslaught 2, Jonathan “cerenia” Kirkegaard and his team have left the organization, choosing to remain independent as Fresh with their [Mint] Clan Tag. With a slight roster change, they are now made up of David “probusk” Busk, Arthur “ICELANDGOGO” Lorent, Andreas “Xibbe” Ragnemalm, and newcomer Jeppe “Haxxeren” Jensen.

How are you feeling about your team and the roster changes that have gone on in the other teams?

It’s going to be pretty interesting to see if Sync acquiring Mathias`` is going to change the balance of power between Reason and ex-Sync. For our team - we are extremely satisfied with picking up Haxxeren. He is going to be a great addition!

What do you think about the changes to HoN Tour Season 4’s format?

It’s pretty neat that you get to play one game on each side. On top of that, actually getting to play every team each cycle is also going to be nice. Last season we pretty much ran into the same teams for 2-3 cycles in a row, which became a little monotonous.

What do you think about the new Community Funded eSports Initiative, Paragon?

I’m always a fan of initiatives that promote the competitive scene and of course the Paragon skins are looking really awesome. I’ll probably look into getting a few of them myself!

The Carnage Counter?

Another initiative which seems extremely exciting and very unique. I hope it’s going to bring some rivalry between my friends and I to see who can score the highest.

Who do you think the favorite team going into Cycle 1 is?

It’s tough because almost none of the top teams have been practicing with their finalized roster yet. But if I have to choose I’m going to say ex-Sync with us as runner-ups

As one of the younger teams, do you feel any additional pressure to prove yourself this season?

I don’t think pressure is a factor at all when we play. If anything it’s our own desire to win and competitive spirit kicking in and hyping us. And I actually don’t consider us a young team anymore. Sure, in comparison to some of the other teams we are, but hey, we’ve been around for quite some time as well now.

Are there any new strategies you’re going to be trying this season because of the new additions to your team?

Haxxeren is a more farm-heavy player, so he might unlock some late game-oriented strategies. With that said, I think every team sort of has to define their new playstyle, us included.

Can you tell us a little more about the new player to your team, Haxxeren?

With Haxxeren joining our forces the Danes are finally dominating our team (three Danes to two Swedes)! No, but since the first time we tried out Hax I’ve been quite impressed. I have witnessed with my own eyes that he is the quality player everyone says he is.

"Can you tell us a little about the decision to leave Druidz and return to Mint?"

Druidz was always just meant to be exclusively for DreamHack Summer. We were overall happy about our experience with them, but as of right now we prefer to be independent and stick with our beloved Mint tag :)

With the Danes already taking over your team... is it safe to say they're easily on their way to world domination now?

Yes, definitely! Without revealing too much of my evil plan we will probably start marching into Sweden and bring back their girls.

[Rea]Imbaboy | [ex-Sync]iNsania | [BMG]Fusen | [Mint]cerenia | [coL]Formless

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