Newerth's Next Caster - Top 4 Announced!

Two weeks of live casting gave the viewers a taste, and the community found their favorites. With 2,000 votes cast, we have our winners. Congratulations to SaintroX, Znoowy, Matthewmatical, and Shorakn! These four casters will take the mic with BreakyCPK over the next two weeks, putting on their best show, and trying to make their way to the DreamHack stage.

23% - SaintroX
20% - Znoowy
15% - Matthewmatical
12% - Shorkan

11% - FJ
8% - Xenoviper
6% - ArtofPho
4% - Tilla

Be sure to tune in to Honcast for the next two weeks and find your favorite, and help us decide who will be Newerth's Next Caster!

Leon casino, Winner to be announced Friday, May 22 live on Honcast Podcast