It is my pleasure to announce that the prestigious gaming organization Absolute Legends has picked up [FbK]Fortune Bakery as their new Heroes of Newerth team!

Fortune Bakery is now [aL]Absolute Legends, and their roster is as follows:

Ryan "Kookiez" Nguyen (Captain/Solo)
Jeffrey "KingPlato" Yi (Carry)
Travis "ggslayer" Leung (Suicide Lane)
Zach "Mookiez" Yun (Solo Mid)
Andrew "miesty`" Miller (Secondary Support/Jungle)
Brendon "Kreamz" Vu (Support)

As many of you know, this team was the old Clan MILK squad that I used to be a part of so I was especially excited when I heard the news. These guys are some of the best guys I have ever met and I wish them the best on their quest to greatness. Good luck guys and see you this weekend in HoN Tour!
- Sam "Milkfat"