Just one day before the fourth cycle opens its doors, the leading team of [tdM]Trademark eSports is changing their roster. The long time support player iNsania will be parting ways with the team after internal struggles have caused issues. His spot will be filled by former [DoP]Domain of Pain support player Fittske, who has some history with Trademark's captain Mynuts from their successful time in Lions eSports.

After almost five months together tdM and iNsania have decided to part ways. The reason for this departure is inner conflicts within the team leading to an unhealthy environment in which improvement is impossible. We wish iNsania the best of luck in his future endeavors, be it a new HoN team or something completely different.

Fittske, formerly a member of Lions, fnatic and DoP will be stepping up to take his spot. Hopefully tdM will be back on track and steamrolling the competition in no time.

- Mynuts, Captain of Trademark eSports

iNsania joined the squad right after the DreamHon Online Summer Championship concluded. With him the team climbed the ladder and were able to become the most dominant of the last month. After he and zai` joined the squad they recorded a second place finish in the DreamHon Redemption tournament, which guaranteed them a spot in the big DreamHon Winter 2024 championship event. That tournament kicked off an impressive winning streak that resulted in a DreamHack World Title and three HoN Tour titles, including two Diamond Division Championships and first place in the HoN Tour Qualifier. Now that successful partnership between iNsania and Trademark eSports has come to an end.

I'm really looking forward to start playing with this team. I have a lot of confidence in this roster and I'm sure that we will be able to make some great things happen! I'd also like to take the time and thank my former teammates Emperor, AngryTestie (RexxcarVroom), CHEESEHELMET, Jeppins and Parakletos for the time in DoP, even though everything didn't work out I still had a great time with them and I hope they can do what's necessary to get back on track in the Diamond Division.
- Fittske, new support player of Trademark eSports

His void will be filled by the Swedish support player Fittske, who has been active for [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb, Monomaniac eSports and lately Domain of Pain. His time with Lions eSports was shared with Mynuts as well, who was the captain of that successful squad. Together they claimed third place at DreamHack Winter 2024 and won the NASL Season 2 Championship with their team. Mynuts and Fittske were also together after their stint with Lions eSports, but split up around DreamHack Summer 2024 when Mynuts became a replacement for [TteS]Tt eSPORTS and Fittske remained with Monomaniac eSports. After that Fittske decided to take a little break from competitive HoN, but returned with Emperor, AngryTestie, Jeppins and Ensoe in Domain of Pain. That team failed to qualify for the big DreamHack Winter 2024 event, but recorded two seasons in the Diamond Division.

Now it is time for HoN's power couple to go for another round as Trademark eSports is facing serious competition from [sG]Stay Green and [357]QsQ, with [coL]compLexityGaming still hanging around at the top.

It will be an interesting fourth cycle in the Diamond Division featuring Stay Green and their newest member Chessie, Trademark eSports with a new look and also Domain of Pain and compLexity Gaming with different squads.

- Sören "Fantasy"