Day 1 started off with a bang in Gold Division. Right off the bat we saw a shocking victory with [euni]Eunis 5 taking out [CM]Clan Milk in a 2-1 victory, [BYE]A HonTour Team upset [DrDz]Druidz eSport 2-0, and [Due1]Do You Even Lift Bro took a 2-1 victory over [REMI]RemigijusBubblus. The second most shocking loss was [DCx]Justice League losing 2-1 to [nX]Animus Vox; I'll be watching this team over time to see how they grow in Gold.

[TFR]The Fire Rises took an expected 2-0 victory over [WSD]Slash Defenders and continued with a 2-0 victory over [cTi]Perfection Esp. [SdS]SdS took a 2-1 victory over [Bx3]Bloodbath N Beyond, then defeated [GGSe]GGS eSports 2-0 while Isot Pelit defeated [ISS]InvisibleSeaSerpent and [y5]Yoshi 5 2-0 in both sets.
[MOE]Moes Tavern defeated Animus Vox while [hade]HAVE IT defeated BYE team, Do You Even Lift Bro beat [DASH]Rainbow Racers, and [TKAG]Team Kagge knocked down [C1K]Call It Karma. Eunis 5 makes up the last contender in the Winners Bracket going into the RO8.

In the Losers Bracket we saw a few teams fighting to stay in Gold. Clan Milk defeated [MOG]MVP Open Group Slot, Druidz defeated [AgT]Any Given Time, Bloodbath N Beyond defeated [Sirz]Like a Sirz, while InvisibleSeaSerpent forfeited to [L00K]L00K AT MY HORSE.

Winners Bracket Match-Ups

Team Kagge versus Eunis 5
HAVE IT versus Do You Even Lift Bro
Moes Tavern versus The Fire Rises
SdS versus Isot Pelit

Losers Bracket Match-Ups

Clan Milk vs. GGS eSports
Druidz Esports vs. Perfection Esp
RemigijusBubblus vs. Animus Vox
Justice League vs. Rainbow Racers
Slash Defenders vs. A HonTour Team
Bloodbath N Beyond vs. [mind]Mindgames
L00K AT MY HORSE vs. Call It Karma

Teams Dropping to Silver

Wards Overrated
Another Dimension
Stats Matter
Epic elite eskimos
MVP Open Group Slot
Any Given Time
Like a Sirz
Invisible Sea Serpent

- Crowslaw