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The spotlight this weekend is on the international HoN scene with the Grand Finals in CIS taking place, while the fierce combatants in Thailand go at it. As it is tradition this cycle, the Thailand offline portion kicks off with the best female teams fighting for their crown. Usually this only takes place on Saturday, but with power outage in the Garena Thailand Studio, the ladies will now be a part of Championship Sunday.

Part of that great honor are the three time Ladies Champions of Dominatrix, who will face off with their old rival in First Sight Girlx. The matchup was the finishing point of the debut cycle of the female competition, when First Sight Girlx made it to the Grand Finals and got obliterated by DMt. Since then 1STX has come a long way, steadily improved and showed their tremendous strength in the qualifiers for this cycle. In the offline tournament, First Sight Girlx left one of the more impactful statements. The winners of Group B smoked their competition and advanced into the big event as unrivaled as CJ4 from Group A.

That was also the matchup in the first game of the day, kicking off the third HoN Tour Cycle with female participation. It was a clash of the systems with First Sight Girlx continuing their path with a steady lineup and no roster changes, while CJ4 just recently reworked their entire structure. The team formerly known as Bubble Gumz used to be one of the standout teams in the region, especially for their starpower. Players like GOTHMother, MoOkiez and especially manager H00K enjoy idol status in the Thailand HoN scene, making their teams the fan favorite and driving force. In terms of play they’ve been lackluster the last couple of outings, fielding only a V2 roster for the first cycle and being dominated by everyone in Cycle 2.

This was now supposed to be a fresh start with more success. Unfortunately for them, it went back to old habits rather quickly. After a very tight and contested bout with First Sight Girlx, CJ4 once again had to concede, keeping their offline record this season winless. The only hope for the team with captain GOTHMother and the experienced player manager H00K was the contest for the third place, against one of the quickly rising teams from the depth chart of Thai HoN.

Deaw Toob Leoy, tagged Dtoo, is one of the teams that embodies the mentality in the Thai HoN scene. Many players, male and female over in the country enjoy HoN and are continue to support it and invest plenty of time. Dtoo formed about two months ago and has been putting a lot of time and effort into improving via scrims, match-making and replay watching. All this time has paid off during the qualifiers already, when Dtoo won the head-to-head battle with Rising Star and Divergent Girls to even make it to this big stage.

Once they reached the offline finals, it was a pity that their first opponent was Dominatrix right of the bat, but the fear seemed to be minimal. Neither the spotlight, nor the opponent seemed to have an impact on the actual performance of the girls team, who were closer than anyone before. For almost 20 minutes they traded evenly, applied pressure and kept the game balanced - after that it went downhill quick. Once against Dominatrix showed why they are the premier team of the region and dominating the scene for more than six months now. It looked like the team with captain mmhod` was able to just flip a switch and terrorize the opponents from that point on, tilting an even game into an absolute blowout in merely ten minutes. After 20 minutes it was even, at 30 minutes the highground of Dtoo’s base was breached and the scoreboard leaned towards DMt.

The strong debut of Dtoo was still remaining in the head of plenty of the spectators and it was reinforced by the ladies in the third place match. In that Dtoo once more showed their capabilities in the Forest of Caldavar, making CJ4 regress and punishing them for every mistake. Third place is a first big accomplishment for Dtoo, who have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the future. If they continue their journey, keep together and work on eliminating some flaws here or there, they might not only be able to dodge DMt in the first round of the offline competition, but actually contest them once they play.

Until then it remains Dominatrix’ division without any doubt. The team will play the Grand Finals on Sunday, since the power outage altered the schedule in that way. The rematch with First Sight Girlx is expected to be closer than the initial bout in the Grand Finals of Cycle 1 or the first round clash between the two in Cycle 2 - but seeing DMt actually losing might be still way off. The team is just way too consistent, way to mature and way too experienced to let one mediocre half against Dtoo bring them down. No doubt First Sight Girlx have standout players especially with wannaruk`x3 on the carry position, that doesn’t make up for the fact that they will go in as the underdog and will fight an uphill battle against the undisputed champions of Thailand. Will Dominatrix claim the fourth title or can 1STX actually disrupt the dynasty?

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