By Blaze

The good news for the Heroes of Newerth community and especially the eSports section does not seem to end these days. After the announcement of HoN at DreamHack Summer and the confirmation of HoN Tour Season 4, another big thing is happening, this time a little more player specific: [tree]willowkeeper, the second best team in NA/EU and second team to fly to Thailand have been officially picked up by Bad Monkey Gaming and shall be known as BMG from now on.

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Bad Monkey Gaming has had quite some history with HoN. When they turned LIONs into Monkeys, their domination of competitive HoN began. It was a very entertaining time and the old stayGreen finally had real competition, busting the field wide open and encouraging more teams and players to go for the top, resulting in a meta shift as well as the emergence of many new and good teams. And all the while they won HoN Tour Cycles and tournaments, showing everyone how to play HoN. In Season 3, the old BMG decided to move to what seemed to be greener fields and a secondary team took over, trying to make something out of the remains of the old team, but even though they managed to win a cycle in Season 3, it was not going as well as people hoped, resulting in the team’s eventual disappearance.

With today’s signing of willowkeeper, Bad Monkey Gaming are making a huge comeback into the HoN scene and further fuelling competitive HoN. willowkeeper are quite happy about this and it will further motivate them in their attempts to become number one and win in Thailand.

Björn Wik, BMG’s Chairman of the Board, said the following about signing tree to his organization:
BMG has been part of the HoN scene for a bit, but when I saw that HoN was back to DreamHack my hopes rose again and my thoughts went directly to tree and try get em to play for BMG. These guys have been playing great for a long time and they put in the work to be on top, and we are now looking forward to seeing them reach the top with BMG.

willowkeeper’s captain Fusen, added:
We are really excited to join BMG! BMG has always been one of my favourite teams in competitive HoN and it means a lot for us representing them! We have played together for a very long time and it is an awesome feeling to get this far. We will try our best in the upcoming events and hopefully we will not disappoint anyone.

#HoNisdead? Hell no, #HoNismuchbetter #HoNwouldliketotakeawalk ! Congrats to the willowkeepermonkeys on this and good luck in your future endeavours, the HoN community is watching! Stay tuned for many more things to come and if you want to see the new BMG in action, on Thursday their match against [Mint]Fresh for The Onslaught event will be shown live on Honcast.

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