Since HoN Tour’s launch thousands of amateur players have been creating and joining teams with the goal of earning a piece of the prize pool. I am no exception. I created my own clan a couple of weeks ago and posted on the forum that I was looking for more players. After only 24 hours there were 10 applications!

Because of HoN Tour the community is more alive than it has ever been. More than 1000 teams are currently registered for Hon Tour—which is just insane—and finding a team on your level to scrim against never takes more than 5 minutes. With DreamHack Winter 2024 coming up as well I don’t see the activity decreasing soon.

If you take a look at the competitive scene I think most of us agree on compLexityGaming being the king of the hill right now. They are looking so strong and are often referred to as “the team to beat.” But you also have several other very good teams: Trademark eSports, Tt eSports and QsQ, to mention a few.

Then you have some lesser-known teams which I think can surprise in HoN Tour. Fortune Bakery, with some old Clan Milk players, and Domain of Pain with Fittske and Emperor are definitely two teams to reckon with. Don’t forget Experience Gaming either; just the fact that they currently have the former Reason Gaming member strangby as a substitute says a lot.

I expect HoN Tour to be the most exciting and entertaining tournament in HoN’s history. Not only because of the number of teams competing but also because the hero pool is bigger than ever. Just a year ago there were 4-8 heroes that were first-pick material. Now I count 20 heroes that are possible first picks. In my opinion this makes the game so much more versatile and entertaining to watch. I believe S2’s head balance manager, DOGKaiser, deserves some credit for this.

I also feel sorry for all those who were so excited and pumped for HoN Tour last Saturday (I was one of them). I understand that it’s very frustrating to wait a long time and then get a message a couple of hours later saying HoN Tour had been postponed.

But that’s in the past. It’s time for HoN Tour!

- Arvid "Boudn" Gunnarsson