After a long and HoN-filled weekend, the many participants of the Bronze EU Division have fought hard to earn Tour points, prize money and the chance to advance to the Silver Division. Let's take a look at the 16 teams that will fight their way to the finals next weekend:

[AToC]a Touch of Class
[THBs]The Hug Bears

[CbM]Carried by Martin
[wSt]Basement Warriors

[Drys]Drys Akademiet
[Novi]Novi Pirat

[OJAY]Oj Yellow Lanes
[LL]Leos Lejon

[KILE]kilers in hon and rh
[PLaF]Poor Liam N Friends

[wO]Wards Overrated

[AaR]All about Randoming
[LPU]Little Pink Unicorns

[uXG]uneXpected Gaming
[batM]Ban all the monkeys

Going through all those teams, I recognize a few of them from last cycle, like KotH who had to forfeit last cycle at this very same spot, or LPU who came close finding success but were then eliminated. Good job getting this far guys, maybe this time you can go even further!

But no matter if you've been here before or just recently started: if you made it this far, you have done something quite impressive. The Bronze Division is a bit of a random thing. You never know who your next opponent will be and chances increase with every step that your next opponent might be more skilled than you or that it's actually a somewhat professional team on their way to gold, who decided to regroup and start over.

But now it's the time to celebrate your victories and take a day off, then get back to practicing!

And here are the dates for the coming matches to be played in the Bronze EU division, this Saturday, January 12th:

09:00 ET | 15:00 CET RO 16
12:30 ET | 18:30 CET RO 8

Good luck and have fun to all participants!

- Blaze