This past weekend in Gold Division Cycle 5 was one of the most satisfying we’ve seen. Thankfully, we saw very few forfeits, specifically from [FyKu]Fack You Kurdi, CaKeS' team [pCe]No Problem, and a mid tournament forfeit from [f20]FyKu 2pt0 against the new [CM]Clan Milk team.

In the Winners Bracket Semifinals, we see [hade]HAVE IT facing off against [Pika]Pikachu after a strong showing by both teams throughout the weekend. HAVE IT defeated [TKAG]Team Kagge, [y5]Yoshi 5, and [L00K]L00K AT MY HORSE while we saw Pikachu facing off against [QsQ7]QsQ 777 in the WB Ro8 after defeating [wO]Wards Overrated and [PPWN]Pwning Pwnies.

[C1K]Call It Karma fell to the Losers Bracket after a defeat to [TZES]Twilightzesports who also defeated [MOE]Moes Tavern and [WSD]Slash Defenders. Twilightzesports now faces the new Clan Milk squad, formerally known as Endemic. They are having a strong showing this Cycle so far defeating [BLZE]Team Blazin EU and [PUDG]Dendis jungldevos. Certainly their road to the semi finals have been the hardest of the four teams there so far.

After the first day, we determined the teams who would be demoted back to Silver for next Cycle. [AR]Aids Reinfected, [BETA]Stats Matter, [656]Way Of Life, [CDiC]Cat Died I Cried and [DASH]Rainbow Racers, in addition to the disbanded Fack You Kurdi team, will all be in Silver for Cycle 6. More early departures from this Cycle are [cTi]Perfection Esp, who have had multiple good showings, and Team Blazin EU, sister team to Team Blazin and [BLZN]Blazin which are both currently Silver teams. In the fourth round, we saw Dendis jungledevos fall to the Aussie team [qMX]Qlimax Crew, Slash Defenders were able to avenge themselves by taking out Wards Overrated, Moes Tavern making a name for themselves by taking out Pwning Pwnies and Druidz Esports took out Yoshi 5 in the last bracket.

With the forfeit by FyKu 2pt0, that puts [DrDz]Druidz eSport ahead into the Losers Bracket Ro4 to face Moes Tavern. We also see Qlimax Crew facing off against QsQ 777 both in the lower bracket.

Both the brackets in Cycle 6 seem offer much better competiion than in Cycle 5. I can see trouble for both sides brewing as Moes Tavern faces Druidz Esports with the winner of that facing the loser of Twilightzesports and Clan Milk. While in the top bracket, we see the loser of HAVE IT and Pikachu to face what I would assume to be QsQ 777 coming out victorious in the next round.

The matches coming up should be exciting to watch and the results will show who has been practicing and scrimming more. At this point in Gold, that is what it comes down to. Many teams are equal in skill and it comes down to team synergy, experience and trust to win and move up to Diamond..

Good luck to all the teams!

- Crowslaw