Real name: Pontus Frost

Other nicknames: Horspel
Location: Eksjö (Sweden)
Hobbies: Fotboll, floorboll, hang out with friends
Clan: we used to be called QsQ, but now it's a new name in progress
Role: Carry/solo
Favourite heroes: Nighthound, Forsaken Archer and Blood Hunter (Landshark alt only!)
Favourite items: Dawnbringer and Whispering Helm
Favourite player: [sG]sLiCKz, burning and pajjkatt
Accomplishments: I haven’t won any big tournaments yet, but have been to a couple of Dreamhacks and had a few high placements in online tournaments.

1. What is your gaming history before HoN/what did you play before?
Before I started to play HoN, I used to play Warcraft 3, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft. I just played these games on a casual level though, nothing serious just for fun.

2. How did you get to HoN and into QsQ?
I got into HoN through one of my irl mates that downloaded the old LAN version of hon back in the day. We used to play some DotA and wanted to check [HoN] out. I got into QsQ by participating in the tryouts. I had just left my old team when Nova started the QsQ project and I though why not give it a shot.

3. Where do you see yourself and your team in a year? What do you hope to achieve in the near future?
A year is a long time in eSports, especially in HoN. But atm I feel good with the team, and I hope we can keep getting better and move forward. Whatever happens I can see myself playing HoN on a competitive level in a year, but with university on the doorstep and other stuff we will see. For the near future in HoN I hope we can get into at least one of the offline playoffs (Vegas or Thailand) and prove ourselves to our fans that we are still motivated to be the best.

4. What heroes and lane setups do you prefer to play? Where do you think you shine the most?
As a hardcarry player I always prefer to have the short lane just because it's easy to soak up farm from the forest and rise faster than mid or long lane. I like playing unique carry heroes like Chronos, Nighthound, Puppet Master. Not just because it's boring to play same carries like everybody else, but I feel like there are so many heroes that aren't used because people can't reach their full potential. Heroes that aren't used that much can also throw people off guard. I think my strength lies in rising and maximizing my farm through last-hitting, item pickups, and decision making.

5. 488 gpm average per game in Diamond - how do you do it?
Hehe, I think one big thing that seperates me from other carries is that I never static farm a lane except in the start obviously. I often see people standing 20min into a game static farming a lane with a carry that could do so much more. I also pick up items in an order that makes me farm faster than if I would have bought full items. For example: if you have free farm with The Dark Lady I never get Power Supply and Mystic Vestments before Runed Cleaver, and try to cut all possible corners without making myself an easy target for ganks. And I never miss a single creep.

6. Are there any other roles you can play well other than carry? Any role or hero you really hate to play?
I can pretty much play any role except hard support. I really hate playing Bubbles just because I suck so hard with him.

7. What were your best and worst experiences in/with HoN so far?
My best experience in HoN must be dhw12. Even though we didn’t play very good it was still nice to meet everyone and Dreamhack is always awesome. My worst experience in HoN is probably in some tmm game when I end up with someone like Style or Handsken that trolls the shit out of me.

8. People often ask why you renamed yourself to NoX, why not Horspel anymore?
Horspel in Swedish means whoregame so when I really decided to take HoN and eSports seriously, I wanted eSports and HoN to take me seriously. That is why I did the nick change.

9. What about your private life, what do you do when you are not playing HoN and what do you want to be in the future?
I am in my senior year in high school at the moment, and other than that I spend my time hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend. I have no idea what I want to do in the future and I have no plans on deciding yet.

10. Any wisdom you want to share with (carry) players who have just started or want to become better?
It always helps to watch the pro carries play and see how they handle different situations. That is how I got better and I am still watching others play and still learning alot from it. But there is no short cuts to get good u need to practice and practice its like any other sport.

11. Any shoutouts or things you want to say to the community?
Shoutout to my eksjö stack and my team. To the community I just want to say stay strong and keep trollin.

That's it for NoX. Next time we will get to know Style a little better!

- Blaze