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This weekend is not only the last cycle of the regular Thai HoN Tour Season - featuring Neolution eSports.MRR trying to go for the third consecutive title - it’s also the weekend Dominatrix attempts the sweep of the HoN Ladies events linked to the HoN Tour cycles. The team around captain mmhod` has been more than dominant ever since the inception of this tournament series, posting a spotless record of three events with three titles. This weekend they can go for the fourth one. Factually it would even be the fifth major title of the female team, who started their reign of dominance in the Thai scene at GSL 14 with a Midwars tournament championship. Ever since then no one has even come close to really contesting them, leading to three cycles of utter domination.

Now the last chance for the competitors to push the queens from the throne has arrived. Just like last cycle the contestants were not invited, but had to play themselves into the mix. Successful on that mission were Kanom Toob and First SIght Girlx as returning entities to the finals, as well as the newcomers around Divergent Girl.

The biggest threat should come from First Sight Girlx once more. The team has plenty of experience in this kind of competition by now, making the Grand Finals of the event twice already. That record and resume puts them into a clear second position in the Thai female team hierarchy, although the real breakthrough moment is yet to be had. A win or a close match against Dominatrix would do wonders for that. A third appearance in the Grand Finals would be miraculous for the team though, since it would shift the power structure of the entire scene. After a mediocre performance in the play-in tournament, 1STX is only seeded fourth into the big finals event this weekend. That means their foes right away will be Dominatrix - making a return to the Grand Finals more than tricky.

This leaves the door wide open for the other competitors making their way to the Garena Thai studios to make history. Most notable is the returning team of Kanom Toob. The squad around popular Thai community figure GOTHMother is returning to take revenge. The team that rose from the ashes of Bubble Gumz theoretically has their fourth stint at the offline portion of the female tournament, despite never claiming a single victory in that environment. So far the team always finished in fourth place with Bubble Gumz going down hard twice and the follow-up team Kanom Toob losing to 1STX and Dtoo last edition.

The track-record does not make a great argument to support the chances of Kanom Toob, but their record in the qualifiers has been outstanding. For the second time in a row they’ve been able to walk away with the first place in the group. This netted them the second seed in the last event and it will also give them the second seed in this edition. That means their first opponent on the way to snapping the losing streak and going into the Grand Finals for the first time will be the young and energetic team of Divergent Girl. A team they’ve beaten and dominated in the qualifier.

Qualifier loss or not, Divergent Girl is one of the rising teams in the scene with steady progress. They were in line to enter the offline scene last edition already, but were stopped just short of achieving their goal. In a tightly competed Group B they couldn’t overcome 1STX to take second, putting them into a “Loser is out” elimination matchup with Dtoo. The rest of that tale is history with Dtoo winning and seeing their star rise with excellent outings against Dominatrix and a win over Kanom Toob. Now it’s the turn of Divergent Girl to show what they can do.

With Kanom Toob in the first match right off the bat there won’t be any honeymoon phase for the newcomers to the LAN environment. Granted, all Thai teams are well versed and experienced when it comes to playing in front of a LAN crowd, but only a few have already played on stream. The added pressure of that already overcame other players and teams in similar situations, now it will be time for Divergent Girl to prove they have their nerves in check. If they’re prepared, they might emerge into a perfect Cinderella Story. From barely missing the cut in Cycle 3 to becoming a Grand Finalist in the debut cycle - eSports has written crazier stories already.

To find out what happens, be sure to tune into the [url=url=]Garena Thai Youtube[/url] channel this weekend. Coverage with Winzy and his crew starts November, 15th at 12:30 PM local time (6:30 AM CET / 0:30 AM EST).

Full Schedule:

November, 15th:
12:30 PM Local / 6:30 AM CET / 0:30 AM EST - HoN Lady Tournament 1st Semifinal
02:00 PM Local / 8:00 AM CET / 2:00 AM EST - HoN Lady Tournament 2nd Semifinal
03:30 PM Local / 9:30 AM CET / 3:30 AM EST - HoN Lady Tournament 3rd Place Match
05:00 PM Local / 11:00 AM CET / 5:00 AM EST - HoN Lady Tournament Grand Finals
06:30 PM Local / 12:30 PM CET / 6:30 AM EST - G-League Cycle 4 Semi: GET2 vs. Dogg

November, 16th:
12:30 PM Local / 6:30 AM CET / 0:30 AM EST - G-League Cycle 4 Grand Finals: Neo.MRR vs. GET2/Dogg

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