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The first Deadeye Bounty League matches are behind us now and after two good but a little one-sided matches in there, it is now time for a weekend full of HoN action for everyone, as both the DreamHack Summer Qualifiers and the next 5v5 tournament are going to happen this Saturday and Sunday. Both of these tournaments are of utmost importance as the DHS Qualifier will determine the first team to actually go and play at DHS 2021, while the 5v5 tournament will allow one team who did not make it into the Qualifiers yet to join in next week and take the place of the team that qualified this weekend.

All eyes will of course be on the DHS Qualifiers, as eight of HoNs best teams are fighting it out after they worked so hard for it last weekend. The tournament will be single elimination BO3 and only the winner of the Grand Finals qualifies, leaving the other seven to hope for a better time next weekend. The first round will be split into two parts to make sure all the quality matches can be covered and viewers will have as much fun as the players will. And since Qualification is the only thing to win in this tournament, every team will give everything, as second place means nothing here. These are the matchups for the first round:

Saturday, April 18, 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST
[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming versus [DsBn]DsBn
The favourite in this matchup will certainly be BMG, but with their recent roster change and a tendency to have good and bad days, the newly founded DsBn may be able to get at least a win off of their opponents or even surprise us all.

[Null]Nullstone Gaming versus [Mint]Fresh
Not something Fresh is looking forward, I'm sure, as they got their behinds handed to them just a few days ago when they lost without even taking one game against Nullstone. And while that loss was bad enough already. Nullstone on the other hand have to get up early due to them being americans and all, but it should be smooth sailing if they manage to play as good as they did before.

Saturday, April 18, 15:00 EDT | 21:00 CEST
[SynC]Sync eSports versus [SolC]The Solaire Club
The Solaire Club is still fairly new to the big boys league and haven't really left a mark yet. They seem hopelessly outclassed in this match and will have a hard time here in general, but then again, no one has ever improved from playing against weaker opponents and the Club has proven again and again that they are able to learn and improve at an amazing rate.

[Rea]Reason Gaming versus [Who]Team Who
Team Who is also pretty new in the top league, but they have more experience in the whole matter and showed that they are good for a surprise. Reason Gaming is a pretty tough opponent to face right away, but having come this far, Team Who should now be able to beat them or at least offer a tough challenge. Reason Gaming is probably the favourite here, but all in all this is the most even matchup in the first round.

The 5v5 Cup (#18) is also ready to go, starting on Saturday at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST with the first round, which will be BO1, followed by three more rounds one hour after the other at the same day and also BO1, the teams in this Cup will have a tough time ahead if they want to stay in the tournament and get to the top. As expected, the teams who signed up for this have increased and some quality teams like [Ogr]Shrek is Love, URL=][C00L]CoolIo[/URL], [Kum]Kawaii Muffin and [TLOS]Team Grief are in it, hoping to get through the bracket uninterrupted and make up for their mistakes and early outs in the DBL Qualifiers last weekend. Add that to the mix of new and experienced teams already playing in the Cups every week, this should also be quite interesting.

So there you have it, all is set up for an amazing HoN experience. Don't forget to buy all you need before it starts at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST and tune in to Honcast to watch the best of games live. Good Luck and Have Fun to all teams!

BlahC is a senior writer focusing on the NA/EU Diamond and Gold Divisions. After making a name for himself in the Dawn of War 1 scene, he began his career in journalism at As one of the first HoN Tour writers, BlahC has focused on the less known teams, bringing their name to the forefront. When he isn’t writing about HoN, BlahC enjoys playing RPGs, writing fiction, and listening to Metal, Avantgarde, and Neofolk music.

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