On Wednesday, October 24th HoNCast will host the second 1v1 showmatch after the successful relaunch. Reigning and defending champion Trademark eSports will square off against new contender Tt eSports for a total of $1,000 USD and bragging rights.

The last 1v1 clash on HoNCast saw the rise of zai`, who annihilated compLexityGaming and led his team to victory. This time he has to deal with sLiCKz, LeonBlack`, Moiravus, wyt` and Riser_ in order to defend his title.

Before the heavyweights clash on the server, S2 Lead Designer and Balance Director DOGKaiser will be answering questions about recent balance patches and changes. The HoNCast panel members Tralfamadore and BreakyCPK will get the chance to ask DOGKaiser about recent changes, the reasoning behind them, and future plans.

Tune in for this Q and A at 2 PM EDT (8 PM CEST) or catch the 1v1 action at 3 PM ET (9 PM CEST).

- Sören "Fantasy"