Before the holidays came upon us and everyone stopped thinking about HoN Tour for a while, the finals for the second cycle were played. Now that we are safe and sound in 2024, let's take a look at these results for the Bronze Division EU and US!


In my previous article, I put the spotlight on the teams [uber]Ubernachos and [KoTH]KING OF THE HILL, who looked either promising or delicious. However, both of them were defeated by [AFH]Any Filipinos here, who then also defeated [Txp]Tenacious Experience and entered the finals.

On the lower side of the bracket, we had [MOE]Moes Tavern, who kicked out [MMv3]Midget Mafia v3, then [Sjol]Sjolopimperne and finally [FERS]Fersken Gaming before facing AFH in the finals.

AFH and MOE now faced each other in the Grand Finals and after a little more than an hour, the champion of the Bronze EU division was found: In two equally long and decisive games, AFH clearly won. Very well done!

Congratulations to both teams, good luck in the Silver Division next season! Thanks for playing and enjoy next cycle to all teams involved!


Just like with the EU, I also mentioned a few interesting teams in the US division in my last article. One was [Qlm]Quadlane Mid, and indeed they managed to get into the Grand Finals after defeating [WHAT]What Gaming, [MeSp]Myth eSports and finally [HBAH]CHUCKBASS.

Their opponent, [Snx]Seraphic Nexus, took out the other team I mentioned, [tBLZ]Team Blazin and then defeated [GOO]Clan GOO to enter the final Bronze US match.

Qlm vs Snx really went at it for the US Bronze Division throne! After Snx won the first game despite Qlm having a strong Moon Queen, Qlm came back in the second game, giving the axe to Snx with Rally.

The last match resulted in another victory for Snx, making them the Grand Finals Champions for the second cycle in the Bronze US Division!

Well done and congrats to both finalists! Good luck in Silver next cycle and once again, thanks for participating and have fun next cycle to everyone involved!

I would also like to use this opportunity to remind you all of our Big Tour Big Plays project. Although we already have several nice entries, we could use some more to finish off the 2024 cycles with a blast. So if your team made big plays and you want to see it in an awesome video, send me a message with the details!

Thanks for reading and see you in the third cycle this weekend!

- Blaze