By Sören "Fantasy"

HoN Tour is not only designed to give the entire community the feel and taste of competitive play, but also for the best teams and players in the world to display their dominance. Just a little bit after the halfway mark of the first season it is time to shine the light on those who deserve it most and honor their awesome achievement from a stat perspective. Stats say more than a thousand words, so I am really trying to not write a thousand words this time – I promise.

These stats display the twelve best teams from the current standings and their respective rosters. All stats were gathered by community favorite and voice of Honcast BreakyCPK, who put a lot of effort into this. Shoutout to him.

The Best of the Best

In every result screen after a completed match stats like the Kill/Death ratio, Assists or Gold per Minute are widely discussed points in representing the quality of players on their respective position. Overall speaking we gathered the five best players in those three categories over all, and also break it down to honor the best players in those stats on the individual positions and roles they fill in their team.

In the Gold per Minute category of all 12 teams and therefor all 60 players, [357]QsQs carry player NoX is on top of the world right now with a stunning average of 488,57 GPM throughout the first five cycles of Diamond Division competition. A close second is [MlST]Team Mistral's carry player and TMM sensation FIbEli3, who has an average of 477,47 GPM throughout his teams run in the entire HoN Tour competition. A thing to notice here is, that Fibeli3 did not start in the Diamond Division right away. He and his team only break into Diamond in the third Cycle after winning Silver in Cycle 1 and placing third in Gold the second Cycle. His stats are still very impressive, but he didn't have to go against the entire elite right away.

Top 5 GPM (Top 12 teams)

1. [QsQ]NoX - 488.57 GPM
2. [MIST]Fibeli3 - 477.47 GPM
3. [007]Diglet_ - 473.35 GPM
4. [coL]Haxxeren - 469.16 GPM
5. [AiD]Jollem - 464.90 GPM

When it comes to Assists per Game it gives the support players of this world the best chance to be represent and get a little bit more attention, than they usually do. On top of that list is the “Supporter of the Year 2024” Franzzii from [coL]compLexityGaming, who provides an average of almost 10 assists per game – 9,39 APG to be exact. As a matter of fact Franzzii is the only player playing for a Top 12 team that has an APG average above 9, with [aL]Absolute Legends' miesty` scratching that mark with 8,97 APG.

Another interesting note is that two QsQ players that are not playing support are in the Top 5 in this category. In Basketball many Assists indicating a well-oiled machine in the offense, something that can be applied for QsQ as well. Both he suicide laner Jonassomfan and the jungler Malle are actively supporting the team from the start of the matches and push their APG with ganks and well-timed team support.

Top 5 APG (Top 12 teams)

1. [coL]Franzzii - 9.39 APG
2. [aL]miesty` - 8.97 APG
3. [QsQ]jonassomfan - 8.69 APG
4. [tdM]Fittske - 8.55 APG
5. [QsQ]malle - 8.47 APG

Last but not least the glamorous Kill/Death ratio gets the attention. By default this category is reserved for the glorious carry players of the teams, that get a lot of farm and take over the late game with Heroes like Silhouette. The Dark Lady, Moon Queen, Magebane, Draconis or lately even Master Of Arms.

Winning this category by a landslide is the “Carry of the Year 2024” noobG from the four-time Diamond Champion [tdM]Trademark eSports. He comes in at a stunning 3,48 KD ratio throughout the first five cycles in Diamond competition, putting a huge gap between himself and every other carry player out there.

Second on the list with almost 1,0 KD less is Fibeli3 from Team Mistral. He is sitting at a KD ratio of 2,52. Third is compLexity's carry Haxxeren who barely makes it above the mark of 2,0 with 2,07 KD in total. Only three of 60 competitors were able to get over the 2,0 mark, an awesome achievement, but noobG is overshadowing everyone by even beating the 3,0 mark with ease.

Top 5 KD ratio (Top 12 teams)

1. [tdM]NoobG - 3.48 KD
2. [MIST]Fibeli3 - 2.52 KD
3. [coL]Haxxeren - 2.07 KD
4. [sG]slickz - 1.96 KD
5. [AiD]Jollem - 1.91 KD

Position Breakdown

Not every position and role inside a top team is producing the same numbers and is getting the same attention. Carry players are mostly the focus of casts and of the general public, while supporters work more “Behind the Scenes” contributing to the major success of a team. To flip these roles a bit, the breakdown is going to start with the honors for the support players of this world and will slowly go down to the carries.


The only stat that most of the players and community members are looking at in a support player is the APG. Earlier in this article Franzzii was named as the player with the highest APG in total, so logically he is also the supporter with the highest APG as well. Second on that list is Fittske with 8,55 APG, followed by Kreamz with 8,52 APG.

Top 3 APG Support

1.[col] Franzzii – 9,39 APG
2.[tdM] Fittske – 8,55 APG
3.[aL] Kreamz – 8,41 APG

In terms of K/D ratio or GPM support mostly gets overlooked, but those numbers are still in the game and still say something about the player and his quality. Best support player in terms of Kill/Death ratio is [TteS]Tt eSPORTS new captain LeonBlack` who is almost able to get to the coveted 1,0 mark as a supporter. He is sitting at 0,92 KD currently with Zfreek coming in as a close second. Zfreek though didn't play the full five cycles as a support, as he switched to lane support after Cycle 3. Before that he was the main jungler for [sG]Stay Green and got a certain boost in his stats through that.

Top 3 KD Support

1.[TteS] LeonBlack` - 0,92 K
2.[sG] Zfreek – 0,84 KD
3.[TFR] iNsania – 0,73 KD

In terms of GPM one of the newer players in the high competitive scene is the standout here with [oo7]We Are Spies' Jakohl reigning supreme with 264,45 GPM as an average. No other supporter even comes close to this with iNsania sitting at 235,57 GPM (also not pure support all the way through) and Zfreek having an average of 234,59 GPM.

Top 3 GPM Support

1.[007] Jakohl – 264,45 GPM
2.[TFR] iNsania – 235,57 GPM
3.[sG] Zfreek – 234,59 GPM


In terms of Junglers the stats are mostly in the middle of the road, as no jungler really excels at a certain stat point most of the time. When it comes down to the best jungler and you just look at the Assists per Game average, miesty` from Absolute Legends is the best with 8,97 APG. Behind him are Malle from QsQ and ArchiTigeR from One Trick Pony, who plays the jungler position every once in a while.

Top 3 APG Jungler

1.[aL] miesty` - 8,97 APG
2.[QsQ] Malle – 8,47 APG
3.[OTP] ArchiTiger – 8,35 APG

Another interesting stat for junglers is the KD ratio, as some junglers are primarily used as gankers and so setting up kills or getting early kills becomes a necessity on some of them. Best in this regard is the reigning “Jungler of the Year 2024” Chessie from Stay Green, formerly compLexity Gaming, who has a 1,38 KD ratio to show for. With that he defeats his rivals fajN` and Gosig` by a lot and reigns supreme.

Top 3 KD Jungler

1.[sG] Chessie – 1,38 KD
2.[PEN5] fajN` - 1,06 KD
3.[AiD] Gosig` - 0,99 KD

Last but not least are the king of the jungle when it comes to Gold per Minute. As the all-rounders these players need good stats in everything and some of the junglers are having a very easy time farming and then moving out as supports and big time editions in team fights. Best in regards to average GPM is Trademark eSports Captain Mynuts who averages 344,90 GPM throughout his illustrious five Cycles in HoN Tour competition. Only three full-time junglers of the Top 12 teams were able to get over the 300 GPM mark and Mynuts shattered that mark with ease. Only fajN` and Chessie even come close to competing with the Swedish Champion in this regard.

Top 3 GPM Jungler

1.[tdM] Mynuts – 344,90 GPM
2.[PEN5] fajN` - 308,33
3.[sG] Chessie – 302,82


They get the most attention by casters and the community and they also get the best stats in terms of KD and Gold per Minute – the Carry players of the Top teams. This single position has an illustrious group of people competing for the honor of being elite in one of those categories and only a few actually make it all the way to the top. Above in this article it was already mentioned that NoX leads the players in terms of GPM, while noobG is shattering his competition in terms of KD ratio. The only stat left to tell is the Assists per Game perspective, a stat that doesn't really count for most carry players anyways.

In that category actually shamsz is the leader of all carry players, but he has only played a single cycle as a full-time carry for the young team [TFR]The Fire Rises. Still his numbers show a remarkable 8,06 Assists per Game averaged in his eight matches. Behind him are the streaming favorites Kookiez from Absolute Legends and CHEESEHELMET from Tt eSports, formerly Domain of Pain.

Top 3 APG Carries

1.[TFR] Shamsz – 8,06 APG
2.[aL] Kookiez – 7,26 APG

Top 3 KD Carries

1. [tdM]NoobG - 3.48 KD
2. [MIST]Fibeli3 - 2.52 KD
3. [coL]Haxxeren - 2.07 KD

Top 3 GPM Carries

1. [QsQ]NoX - 488.57 GPM
2. [MIST]Fibeli3 - 477.47 GPM
3. [007]Diglet_ - 473.35 GPM

Team Stats

Obviously HoN Tour is not only about the success of the individuals and their achievements in the structure of their teams, but it is also about the head-to-head score of some of the finest teams in HoN right now. Rivalries have developed, close encounters have formed and certain teams have build up dominant streaks against their adversaries.

At the beginning of this topic I have to say, that Trademark eSports is seemingly running in another league. With a splendid record or 22-2 in terms of series there is absolutely no opponent that they not really dominate. They have flawless game and series records against [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb and One Trick Pony and flawless series records against compLexity Gaming and Stay Green to just name the absolute top teams. Regardless of their dominance, there is only one team that Trademark eSports was never able to defeat in the HoN Tour Diamond competition – Tt eSports. Granted they only met once in Cycle 3, but Trademark got swept by Tt eSports then and never got the chance to avenge that lost.

Aside from Trademark eSports certain teams have build up close series results that are very even, making those games most exciting to watch. Especially compLexity Gaming seems to run into these predicaments as they have a close record with Lions eSportsKlubb and Stay Green. For QsQ it is Stay Green, for Tt eSports it is Pencils, for One Trick Pony it is Lions and for Absolute Legends it is QsQ.

Close series over the first five Cycles

compLexity Gaming vs. Stay Green – 7-8 Games | 2-3 Series
compLexity Gaming vs. Lions eSportsKlubb – 6-7 Games | 2-3 Series
QsQ vs. Stay Green – 3-4 Games | 0-2 Series
Tt eSports vs. Pencils – 4-2 Games | 2-1 Series
One Trick Pony vs. Lions eSportsKlubb – 7-4 Games | 3-1 Series
Absolute Legends vs. QsQ – 2-2 Games | 1-1 Series

Those are the teams that seem to be matches evenly on every occasion, making for exciting and entertaining matches. Every time these teams square off one can not be sure who will come out on top, as they are too close to call.

- Sören "Fantasy"