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The Thai region is completely in the hands of Neolution eSports. Before the male team of the proud organization secured three of the four cycles, the ladies squad affiliated with Neolution eSports completed the sweep. Dominatrix showed once more why they are the most dominant team in the entire country with the fourth win in the fourth cycle.

Going into the event some crumbles and blisters were on the dominance of the female team, who had exposed some minor weaknesses in the last offline event. Back then the rookie team of Dtoo was playing terrific HoN and went toe-to-toe with the first ladies of Thai HoN. In the end it was all about Dominatrix once again, who beat Dtoo and also squatted down First Sight Girlx in the Grand Finals, but some doubts were set. These doubts are still existing after the close game against Kanom Toob - the closest Grand Finals the Ladies HoN Tournament has witnessed.

In Dominatrix terms it is called close, but overall the ladies played a fantastic tournament once again. In a rematch of the Cycle 3 Grand Finals they defeated 1STX with ease, only to face off with Kanom Toob for the title. For Kanom Toob this Grand Finals was long overdue. The team with former Bubble Gumz members MoOkiez and GOTHMother had three bad attempts in the Ladies HoN events before. The first cycle was a colossal waste with the real BBG roster not able to show up. The result was a catastrophe with BBGV2 not being able to even scratch the defenses of all of their opponents.

It kicked off the long redemption tour for the girls - a tour with limited success at first. The second attempt for BBG crashed and burned almost as quick as the first try, with the fan favorite team not being able to win a single game. Two consecutive fourth place finishes left the team to rethink their commitment and ultimately ended the Bubble Gumz project. For over a year the team had been together under that name with the goals set in the initial manifest to become the best girl team in Thailand and maybe even the world. Dominatrix and the other teams showed them how far away they were from fulfilling that goal, so a retooling phase was in order.

The result of that phase was Kanom Toob, a new and fresh take with the most dedicated members from Bubble Gumz assuming key roles. GOTHMother and MoOkiez stayed with the team as key veterans, community icon FAHSAI took over the managing position to handle the team’s business outside of Caldavar. The method of a new name with some old faces carried over old problems as well. Despite the great outings at the qualifier tournament for the third cycle, the offline results in the Garena Thai studio remained the same. Two losses and another fourth place showed how long the road to full redemption will be.

This time they broke the drought and finally won a game though. For the first time this season Kanom Toob with GOTHMother and MoOkiez were on the receiving end of a team conceding, recording their first win in the Ladies HoN event. Divergent Girl couldn’t deal with the veteran experience of Kanom Toob and had to tap out fairly quick in the contest. For the rookie team just being a part of the atmosphere and the event was a tremendous success already, showing their steady progress in the region. It wasn’t enough for Kanom Toob and in the third place match it wasn’t enough for the two time runner-up in First Sight Girlx, but the learning experience will yield them plenty of new information on how to improve their game.

Improving their game is also a good keyword for Kanom Toob, who conquered the qualifier two consecutive times now, but couldn’t break through the wall of Dominatrix. They could make the contest with mmhod` and her squad even for a large amount of the match, but once it tipped slightly in the way of dMT, it all crumbled and fell apart in a hurry. Dominatrix cruised to their fourth consecutive victory and are not looking to stop. The team’s dedication seems to be unmatched in the entire division and with the possibility of a full female HoN Tour on the horizon they look to be the strongest contender of them all.

With that the Ladies go into an uncertain immediate future with no further tournaments of this magnitude announced yet. Whether or not the best teams will square off in a playoff spectacular like their male counterparts is not clear yet, but once the actual Grand Finals weekend of that event rolls around, a female tournament should accompany it once more.

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