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The drought is over and now it looks like Neolution eSports.MRR is unstoppable in the Thai region. For the third consecutive time the team with icon Chitawan`X marched into the Offline finals and left with the championship. This comes on the heels of one of the longest droughts in Heroes of Newerth history, when the former championship team fell down and couldn’t secure another title for almost a year. They still stuck together, Chitawan`X stayed on as a captain, duqiu retained his carry position and they worked out their issues step by step.

The end of that long streak came in Cycle 2: The starting point for another streak. Since then the team hasn’t lost a single scheduled game. To be more exact, the team would not have to concede a loss in a game ever since the losing moment in the playoffs of the first Thai HoN Tour cycle. Back then it was Hybrid Gaming, their nemesis for so long, who walked to the championship. Since then 51 regular season matches were either one or tied and four postseason bouts went in Neo.MRR’s favor. In total the team is coming off the momentum of 55 straight wins, taking that straight into the big seasonal playoff event. In that they won’t even have to enter the fray all too early, considering their comfortable first overall seed. It will be tough to construct an argument or come up with a team that can beat the confident players from Neolution in the region. The road to the Thai HoN Tour Season 2 title definitely goes through them.

How dominating they are, Snoop Dogg had to experience first hand on Sunday. For the dogs it was the second appearance in their short team history in the Grand Finals of a cycle. For the second time the opponent was called Neolution eSports.MRR and for the second time the match was a lopsided slugfest. The first and third game were utterly dominated by Chitawan`X and his crew. At first it was duiqu taking over the game with his Dark Lady, slicing through every single layer of Snoop Dogg’s defense with ease. His 650 GPM were only slightly contested by Kanom on Swiftblade, but the quick engage and team support by Neolution eSports rendered the spinning blademaster ineffective for large portions of the team fight.

After that crushing 35 minute loss, Snoop Dogg was able to regroup and put up a better fight in the second game. As mentioned above, only the first and the third match of the series turned into slaughters - the second one was as close to a nailbiter as Neolution eSports.MRR’s series can come these days. Around the 26 minute mark Dogg looked to be on good footing heading into the later stages of the game, carried by the tanky and disruptive character that Drunken Master can be. In team fights they had shown more sustain with Ophelia and better positioning against massive AoE spells from Pebbles, Torturer and Behemoth. All those positive aspects had netted them a slight lead in gold and kills, while also having taken more objectives from the map already. That all changed in a hurry with a disastrous team wipe at the Kongor pit. Dogg felt confident enough to take out the big monkey without MRR even knowing about it, but a Portal Key initiation and an Earthquake from Behemoth later, MRR claimed Kongor and took control of the game.

From that point on forward it was MRR getting further ahead, pouncing on every opening and playing their controlled style till the end. In recent memory no one had been able to come back from a deficit against Neolution eSports.MRR - they showed why! No one on the team was feeling too confident, no one on the squad had their own agenda, methodically they picked apart the defense of Dogg and walked out with the win.

After that it looked like the defense and will of Snoop Dogg was broken once and for all, leading to a quick finish of the series. Seconds after the 30 minute mark the middle lane of Dogg was taken and the fighting spirit was gone. They called the game shortly after, giving Neolution eSports.MRR their third title in a row.

The regular season of Thai HoN Tour ends with this event as well, from now on the grueling postseason will start. The best teams from all four cycles will get an invite and have the chance to play for the ultimate title - the Thai HoN Tour Championship. Two HoN Tour titles have been given away on the Southeast Asian soil already, both were claimed by Made in Thailand.Sorry Sorry. That team is split into two pieces now and Neolution eSports.MRR looks like the hottest favorite in all of this. Still, teams like Hybrid Gaming, Turtle Master and maybe even Shooter eSports have proven themselves time and time again. MRR can’t rest for one second or their glorious streak will come to an end with one of the elite veteran teams taking over again.

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