The weekend started off strong in Gold League Cycle 4, as the new additions from Diamond Division looked intimidating for many of the middle tier teams. Most of the focus has been on [Dmsn]AnotherDimension, as they have been striving to reach Diamond and break that "Forever Gold" streak for sometime. Unfortunately, we saw a few teams bow out of Gold with forfeits including [SOZO]Team Please, who just underwent some roster changes losing Liposa_Dark. Other teams that exited Gold are QsQ 007, [Snx]Seraphic Nexus, [WEHF]WE HEART FREDDY, [BLZN]Blazin, [Qlm]Quadlane Mid, Isot Pelit and [Sirz]Like a Sirz.

We have seen already some shocking results in the WInners Brackets as well, as some former Diamond Division teams now find themselves battling in the Losers Bracket. [Pika]Pikachu lost 2-1 to AnotherDimension in an outstanding back and forth 90+ minute Game 3 while [aL]Absolute Legends also dropped down losing 2-0 to [SdS]SdS. [oo7]We Are Spies and [PUDG]Dendis jungldevos made it through their matches and will meet in the 2nd Winner’s Bracket semi-final Tuesday.

Today, we will see the Loser’s Bracket matches play out and teams may find their run cut short due to the powerhouse teams that have dropped down. Absolute Legends and Pikachu play each other to determine who goes through and who stays in Gold for another cycle. To get here, the teams needs to defeat their round of eight opponents. Absolute Legends took out [cTi]Perfection Esp while Pikachu beat [AR]Aids Reinfected. The other Loser’s Bracket match features [nDMC]Endemic, who defeated [TZES]Twilightzesports, against [WSD]Slash Defenders, who snuck by [PPWN]Pwning Pwnies in a close series.

I recently spoke with MEGABEVeR of Dendis jungldevos about the weekend's results.

How was the weekend's matches?

Megabever: Good, we played three solid series. The opponents played better than expected though, especially Perfection Esp, who drafted and played very well.

Yes indeed, they are looking very strong. I expect good things from them soon. What do you think about Absolute Legends and Pikachu dropping to Losers Bracket?

Megabever: I only watched Game 3 between Pikachu and DmSn, but what Nir said after the game pretty much sums it up: "If we're going to win, we need to scrim." DmSn have a decent roster with the addition of Sender, so Pikachu should have prepared more for that match in particular. Nir and TPSPriceless are, in my opinion, some of the strongest players at their roles, but they just lacked team synergy and seemed out of shape. As for Absolute Legends, it's becoming embarrassing. I know they played without Kookiez but that's still not an excuse to lose to SdS. I mean, SdS had Moon Queen both games, which is why they won. Still, Absolute Legends must have screwed up a lot, with the draft in particular. The way they lost to SdS, they can very likely lose again. I think this week will be very exciting in Gold League.

I don’t think I could have said that better myself. This past weekend has already been full of upsets and the week is turning out to be no less exciting. With the bracket set up the way it is, only two of the four Diamond teams who were demoted will find their way back to the top league.

I think this will be one of the best weeks for Gold Division matches and content and look forward to any coverage being casted by Beef and Honcast.

- Crowslaw